new blog address

Well. Heads Up. I'm switching our blog URL. Everytime I go to post a blog, it makes me sign in using my gmail account. When I got married, I changed my e-mail address to have my new last name. Now, my gmail account is always automatically signed in with the new email address and its such a pain to sign out of that account and sign in with my old email address. Ya follow? Anyway, I know that I'm kind of a baby. But it annoys me. And blogger wont let me do a new email address and still have the same URL. Anyway, I know that its a pain. but I'm doing it anyway. :) the new blog address is:


no more posts here!



larger around the top and the bottom as well. not just the middle.
i wish it was just the middle. :]
but no. dont get ideas into your heads.

not so great.

i didnt win the contest.
im tired.
i have a paper due tomorrow.
i have a french final tomorrow (defintiely not ready for it).
i start working full time in a week. i super love my job. but i dont have the attention span to sit in one place for 8 hours a day!!
its cold outside. the sun went away.
people love to make plans then bail.
my house needs to be cleaned.
im getting progressively larger around the middle.
thus, i cant find an outfit to wear to kate's wedding that doesnt make me look like a whale.
i tried on probably 13 dresses on saturday. none of them fit.
it was distressing.
and, our best friends are moving next week.

thanks for letting me complain.
contrary to popular belief, complaining does make you feel better.


i want to win.

this blog that i read (who also happens to be my french teacher..!) is doing this amazing giveaway that i want to win super bad! to increase my chances...I'm making a post about it. haha. he did the project called ABC Paris. While he has been in Paris over the last few years (okay, the last lot of years) he has taken pictures of things around the city that are especially "Parisian" that look like alphabet letters. He has the whole alphabet, plus some letters have a couple of options. He has an option where you can get the photo of the letter, then at the bottom of the page there is a quote that goes along with the letter. They're super cute. I really love them all. This one in particular is the one that I want to win! There is a super funny quote at the bottom about walking by pastry shops and wanting to buy a sweet. I love it. and isn't the picture just delicious? yum.

anyway, check out his blog HERE. and check out the ABC Paris project HERE. every picture is just awesome!!

and..cross your fingers that i win. I never win anything!! but hey, this little post just doubled my chances. score.



among other fabulous things happening in our life right now -

my family just booked 9 bedrooms and 4 1/2 bathrooms in yellowstone national park.
family reunion.
july 14-18.
2 grandparents.
2 parents.
6 aunts and uncles.
18 cousins.
me and greg.

seriously. how could this not be the most fabulous party EVER?
we are so excited.

i love my family.
i have THE coolest family in the world.
we have so much fun when we are with them.
they are hilarious.
and they're all so nice.

we can't wait!

may 25-june 15: north carolina/new jersey/new york/washington dc extravaganza
june 20 - july 4: cameryn and benson will be here!
(june 20: one year anniversary! wow!)
july 14-july 18: family reunion
july 19-august 9: canada - babysitting my brothers and sister and going to the cabin!!

and maybe even another fun vacation at the beginning of may...if all goes as we hope it will...!!!

what a FABULOUS summer we are headed into!

 oh. we had an easter photo shoot today. our friends gave us the idea to take family pictures every easter. i liked it. and i just bought a cute new sweater. so we borrowed their tradition. this was the only picture that i dare show to the public. and im a little embarrassed to do that. i have chinese eyes..even though there isn't an ounce of chinese in me. my face is chunky. when i smile, my eyes disappear in the big cheeks. the big chunky kind..that are cute on 2 year olds. gross jordan! but in the rest of the photos i look like im pregnant, cuz my stomach is just that gross at the moment. so. i dared not put those up to avoid possible confusion. no. im not pregnant. just fat. gross.

have a great week!


summer 2010

is looking to be just as fabulous as summer 2009! (and trust me...thats hard to do considering all that we got to do last summer).

Greg got accepted into a dental internship seminar program at the University of New Jersey Dental School in Newark!!! we couldn't be more excited. out of 300 applicants, they only picked 20 people!! seriously cool! it runs for a few weeks at the beginning of june. we will try to fly out to north carolina for a few days, then spend some time in new york (he gets the weekends off..so we will head to the city for some delicious food...a broadway show?!), and maybe even vist sean and alena in DC!

i dropped all of my classes for spring semester. with the semester only being 6 weeks long, i didn't think that it would be wise to miss 3 weeks. i was a little bummed, because i really wanted to graduate in december, and now i won't graduate until april. but thats alright. an awesome opportunity like this doesn't come up very often!

so..combine this with hangin out with my brother and sister for 2 weeks at the end of june....thats going to be prettty awesome!

not to mention..that it will be sunny. and warm. and i can wear sandals. my feet are longing to see the sun!!

aaaaand. this friday...im getting a manicure and pedicure, going to cheesecake factory and seeing legally blonde: the MUSICAL with my favorite Samantha in the world! i couldn't be more excited. when i start thinking about it..i have trouble focusing on school!! its going to be a longggg week.


the power of the imagination

A few days ago my uncle sent me a link to this Harvard graduation address given by J.K. Rowling. I really liked it a lot - she's so funny!! Plus, she says some really great stuff. She talks about the importance of the power of the imagination and of the "fringe benefits of failure". I would definitely recommend watching the video if you have a few extra minutes. It's great.

The shower went super super super awesome.  it couldn't have gone better. it was a blast. i love hanging out with a bunch of awesome girls, eating, and talking. doesn't get much better!! i wish that we would get together and do it more often. It seems like we always have to wait for some big occasion like a bridal shower to get together. And I don't like it! I wish that we would plan lunch dates like this all the time for no other reason other than that we love to get together. Anyway, it was a blast. yummy food, funny presents, and good conversations. beth and i are going pro. if you need a bridal shower planned anytime soon...give us a call! we kind of rock. haha.

I love my bestie. She is going to be such a good wife. She's so pretty. She's so smart. and she's so crazy. I remembered today all of the reasons that i love her. I can't wait for her big day!!!

here's a funny story about one of the many adventures ive had with kate. once upon a time (last fall) we decided to buy a fish. we bought it during the last week of august. he was a pretty pink and purple Siamese fighter fish. we named the little guy edward. we were thrilled. we bought him a cute little bowl, some pretty beads, and the best food walmart had to offer. everyone doubted us. they said our little pet would live for no more than one week, two at the most. everyone started counting down the days til edward died - roommates, family (admittedly even us sometimes...he wasn't the most lively little creature) . well, thanksgiving came and went, so did christmas, then valentines day. pretty soon, it was time for me to go to London. so, i took edward and his pretty home over to my grandparents. they tended him with love and care...for the next three months. tuns out, our little pet lived for almost on year. he was the best fish in the entire world. the end.